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Engineering Data Analysis

Cygna's PDMS application performs several forms of Cable Derating, Cable Aging, Voltage Drop, Separation Group, and Voltage Level analysis. PDMS also performs Safe Shutdown, PRA, and several other types of analysis based on customer requirements. Contact Cygna if you need a more comprehensive list of analysis types.

Configuration Management & Work Flow

Cygna's PDMS application manages data in "As-Built" and "In-Design" configurations and changes to the PDMS database are carefully controlled by a work flow process. This process assures changes are traceable to the original designer and are reviewed and approved by independent personnel. This also enables users of PDMS to try "What-if" data scenarios to see if the proposed changes will have adverse affects on the current plant design criteria. Impact Reports and Installation Cards are available to document and control all design changes.

Data Conversion & Integration

Cygna personnel have successfully performed many data conversion and data integration projects. We have developed software to convert data from several Architect/Engineering firms such as Stone & Webster, Bechtel, WECTEC, and Sargent & Lundy. We have also converted data from hundreds of different utility data sources. We have performed data conversions on a variety of mainframe, minicomputer, and microcomputer databases such as Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, H2, and MySQL.

Nuclear & Non-Nuclear Software

The PDMS application can be delivered in different forms. The "10CFR50 Appendix B" software is typically provided to nuclear facilities and the "Fossil / Hydro" software is typically provided to non-nuclear customers.

Have a Look at Our PDMS Product

Do you know if your facility meets the design criteria?

Every day, questions are asked about plant safety, technical, operational, regulatory compliance, cost, schedule, and many other issues. The ability to respond to these questions accurately and cost effectively relies on information gathered from drawings, calculations, procedures, reports, historical documents, and industry standards that are maintained by diverse organizations at diverse locations. An accurate response to these questions depends on the accuracy of the information used to formulate the response.

Plant Data Management System

PDMS is a sophisticated database application that consolidates, manages and analyzes data against a defined and controlled set of customer design criteria. PDMS identifies where existing conditions and proposed changes may be in conflict with the design criteria. As data is added and updated over the life of the database it is continuously analyzed and the quality of the analysis output is continuously improved. This accuracy results in less dependency on an individual's memory and technical knowledge. As new problems and potential conflicts are identified, pro-active changes can be implemented to improve compliance with safety, constructibility, quality, maintenance, operational, and other standards, specifications, and procedures. PDMS has been designed with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to select, review, update, and analyze data interactively from remote terminals. The PDMS application is available as a client-server application. A browser based application is under development.


PDMS Browser


The Company

Cygna Energy Services, Inc (Cygna) is an application development, data integration, systems integration, consulting, web services, and database administration company located in Walnut Creek, California. Cygna's Plant Data Management System (PDMS) application is currently in use at several operating nuclear plants, several fossil plants, and at several Department of Energy facilities. The PDMS application is flexible enough to meet the business requirement of several very different customers covering approximately 60 different plants and facilities. Cygna currently has service and licensing contracts with several major electric utilities and the United States Department of Energy. The primary nature of these contracts is for Cygna to provide PDMS and to integrate PDMS with other customer applications. Cygna Energy Services, Inc. is a California Corporation.

Glenn Smith, President & CEO

Since 1968, Glenn has been involved with cable and raceway management systems for approximately 60 nuclear, fossil, and government projects. He serves as the primary Systems Analyst for the Plant Data Management System.

Timothy Fay, System Architect and CIO

Since 1985, Tim has been a professional software designer, database architect, systems analyst, and software engineer. He has experience with a wide range of operating systems, database management systems, software design methodologies, and a wide range of software applications. He has been the principal PDMS software architect since 1998.

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Dominion Energy
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